About the Practitioner


Christine Brunswig LMT


I have been trained in alot of different modalities,which I love to do and will continue to learn in  order to help my clients to be all they can be.

My Philosophy:

Massage for a Healthy Body,Mind and Spirit


Why do I do what I do -simple I love what I do, when I see a client who comes in pain and getting frustrated with no results and thinking of massage as a fluff  or a luxury, finally tries massage and I see a smile and they tell me wow I havent felt this good in years or this is the first time I have been out of pain in months. It truly warmes my spirit and I think to myself I just love helping people and I love what I do.

Well this is always the hard part for me,to tell you alittle about me. lol

I am married to the most fantactic man who spoils me rotten, I have one daughter who is an RN BSN,LMT and just was certified as a Holistic Nurse and also was accepted to Tennesssee University to start her ANP in the fall.

She gave me 3 beautiful grandchildren.

I am truly blessed.